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“Steve Cuden’s Beating Hollywood is actually two essential screenwriting books in one: the first, a masterful collection of tips crucial to aspiring and professional writers alike. The second is a brilliant education in the structure of Hollywood’s greatest movies. Screenwriting books don’t get better than Beating Hollywood!”

Michael Colleary

Co-Writer, Face/Off

Steve Has Interviewed

Bryan Cranston

Actor, Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle

Tamara Tunie

Actress, Law and Order: SVU, 24, Flight with Denzel Washington

Phil Proctor

Writer-Actor, The Firesign Theater

Amanda McBroom

Singer-Songwriter, The Rose

Norman Steinberg

Writer-Producer, Blazing Saddles, Johnny Dangerously, My Favorite Year

Pamela Phillips Oland

Songwriter-Lyricist, Recorded by Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and many more

David Newell

Actor, “Mr. McFeely” on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Paige Davis

Actress-Host, Trading Spaces, Chicago (on Broadway)

George Newbern

Actor, Scandal, Nip/Tuck, The voice of the animated Superman

Dana L. Davis

Actress-Novelist, Heroes, Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now

“Steve Cuden’s years of professional experience in television and Broadway combine for a powerful, clear, strong insider’s how-to manual about story structure in musical theatre. It’s like he’s giving away trade secrets. A must-have in any serious musical theatre writer’s library!”

Scott Guy

Executive Director, New Musicals, Inc. and multiple Emmy-nominated Screenwriter